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My Tech Wardrobe

Caitlin Mulroney - Event Speaker | Digital Content Creator | Community Engagement Specialist



1. The Challenge:

Create a brand image for a Kitchener-Waterloo Event Speaker & Wardrobe Stylist that is fun, professional and effective in getting word out to the community about her speaking and styling services.

2. Research:

I investigated political figures, prominent real estate personalities, local panel speakers and more. I explored their website layouts, and social media account aesthetics to observe the successful elements of their brand. Further, I noted how their event schedules were shared, how they connected with audiences and what design elements would bring my client more business. 


3. Brainstorming

Once I had an understanding of similar speakers, panelists, wardrobe stylists, fashion experts, business professionals and more, I proceeded to collect images that reflected my clients personality. I then used those images to create a brand board which would then be turned into her logo, brand identity and professional website/mobile portfolio. 


1. Initial Sketching & Illustration

I begin by "dumping my brain" onto the page, sketching out every concept that comes to mind and  expanding on strong ideas.

2. Refinement

Of all the sketches I narrow down which are working and touch them up to be shown digitally to the client. I like to collect third-party opinions for authentic selection and present 3-5 initial concepts depending on the client's needs.

3. Presentation

The client is shown individual slides with each concept in only black and white (to allow the shape & form of the design to speak for itself) and I allow the client to let the ideas sit for some time. Open communication and suggestions are always encouraged!

Feedback & Delivery

1. Feedback:

Through client-designer communication and after several rounds of revision, the ideal logo concept was reached. It was discovered that while the client did appreciate the type based samples with complimentary icons, she desired an illustrated portrait logo that reflected her personality and expressed her fun-loving character.

2. Final Presentation

The final logo was presented to the client through a number of real-world simulations and mockups to give her a feel for how it could be implemented online and in person. From there, the logo was developed into an entire brand image which was followed by a whole website re-design and launch.


3. Asset Delivery 

The client was thrilled to receive multiple file types ready for mobile use on her social media accounts, as well as a business website. Any edits or future assistance would be happily provided and I have developed a strong relationship with her since. She is a repeat client of mine and I've received new clients as a result, as well as seen her image flourish in KW.

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